June 28 – July 26, 2014
Opening Reception Saturday June 28th 7-10pm

The precise mechanics of Matt Norris and imaginative compositions of John Self combine in Lifecycles to create an ecosystem of interacting assemblage creatures. Both artists give new life to discarded objects — Norris with bicycle chain, nails and sheet metals; Self with “authentic garage sale artifacts”. Their art ties together the lifecycles of organisms with those of consumer products in this dual exhibition of sculptural work.

On view Tues – Sat 12 – 6pm (Thurs 12 – 5:45pm) + by appointment.

Sponsored By Treaty Oak Distilling Co.

About the Artists

John Self (Kerrville, TX) is a sculptor making art constructed from “authentic garage sale artifacts” collected over the past 40 years. He grew up in Wichita Falls, TX where he received his BFA from Midwestern State University in painting and sculpture in 1977. With equal parts wit and skill, his current work transforms others’ castaways into new life forms that are not only charming, but often mischievous. In his own words, “No awards, no honors, no one man shows, no artist statements. I just continue to make art.” John has exhibited at 500X Gallery (Dallas, TX), AHHA Hardesty Art Center (Tulsa, OK), Art.Science.Gallery. (Austin, TX), K Space Contemporary (Corpus Christi, TX), and Tornado Gallery (Lubbock, TX).

Matt Norris (Oakland, CA) is a sculptor whose work is an appreciation of the mechanical engineering aspects of living creatures. He grew up in San Antonio, TX and studied studio art and design at the University of Texas at Austin. He is fascinated by the way animals are made to move, the articulation of their joints, and the elegant forms that evolve to perform specific functions. All of Norris’ pieces are made to be posable, with working joints that approximate the range of motion their living counterparts are capable of. Insects in particular, with their exoskeletons, are a natural fit for his metalworking techniques. Their physical forms, filtered through the limitations of his craft, are the basis of much of Matt Norris’ work. Matt has exhibited in San Antonio, TX, Austin, TX, Baltimore, MD and Oakland, CA.


Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (PARC) has designated 2014 the “Year of the Salamander” to bring awareness to conservation issues surrounding these amazing amphibians. As an official partner of PARC, Art.Science.Gallery. is pleased to announce its group exhibition of salamander-inspired artworks by 22 local and international artists. The exhibition will be on view from May 24 through June 21, 2014 at Art.Science.Gallery. at Canopy (916 Springdale Rd. Building 2 #102, Austin, TX 78702). The exhibition is the second in series of four environment-themed exhibitions at Art.Science.Gallery. for the spring/summer 2014 season, which includes Geo_____ a four-artist exploration of geometry, geology and geography through May 18;  lifecycles featuring assemblage creatures by John Self + Matt Norris, June 28 – July 26; and Kim Dembrosky’s solo exhibition about climate, August 2 – 30, 2014.


Adrienne Parker (Austin, TX), Carrie Carlson (Chicago, IL), Drake Pillsbury (Phoenix, AZ), Ele Willoughby (Toronto, ON, Canada), Erik Wild (Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil), Hayley Gillespie (Austin, TX), Jessica Gordon (Austin, TX), Joelle Geisler + J. Haley of Fierce & Furry Paintings (Lowell, MA), John Self (Kerrville, TX), Kira McEntire (Athens, GA), Lauren Schneider (New York, NY), Lisa Temple-Cox (Essex, England, UK), Lori Hollifield (Austin, TX), Margie Crisp (Elgin, TX), Marjorie Moore (Austin, TX), Roderick Hilliard (Austin, TX), Sabra Booth (San Antonio, TX), Sergio Santos (Houston, TX), Tanya Chaly (New York, NY), Victoria Harrell (Conroe, TX), William Hall (Cedar Hill, TX).


Opening Reception: Saturday, May 24, 2014 7-11pm, with refreshments provided by exhibition sponsor Treaty Oak Distilling Company (Austin, TX) and a display of endangered Barton Springs Salamanders from the City of Austin’s captive breeding facility.

“Texas Salamander Extravaganza”, free public lecture by Dr. Hayley Gillespie (artist, salamander researcher and Art.Science.Gallery. founder): Saturday, June 7, 2014 3-4 pm

Herpetology 101: Salamanders, an informal course for adults: Saturdays 9am-12pm, May 31-June 21, 2014 (4 meetings/12 hrs/registration required – $120) CLICK HERE TO REGISTER Did you know salamanders can be the size of your pinky finger nail or larger than your mom!? Did you know they can re-grow severed limbs and can have gills like a fish!? Did you know we have over 25 species in Texas? Learn all about salamanders in this course by salamander biologist and artist Dr. Hayley Gillespie, who has studied salamanders for over 10 years. Lectures will explore salamander biology, physiology, evolution and ecology with hands-on art activities. Learn about local salamander conservation issues on field trips to Barton Springs and the Aquarena Center! Students must provide their own transportation.