Vanishing Point (Eruption), acrylic and watercolor on paper by Adam Fung

Art.Science.Gallery. is proud to announce the opening of From Mountains To Sea, a contemporary art exhibition about the science and effects of climate change. Works in this exhibition explore the physical and biological impacts of a changing climate on our planet and its ecosystems: from the highest elevations to the depths of the ocean, and island habitats where the effects of climate change will have the greatest impacts.

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Opening Reception Saturday, March 7, 2015 7-10pm

Eventbrite - The Superlative Light // Opening Reception

Austin based photographer Robert Shults grew up with a passion for sci-fi movies and outer space exploration, and was drawn to physics as photographers and physicists share in common the same basic tools — light, space and optics. In 2009, Shults was introduced to the Texas Petawatt Laser facility, an unparalleled research laboratory in Austin, Texas that at the time produced the most powerful laser pulse in the world. When he witnessed the laser in action he knew it had to be the subject of his next photography project.

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