The Laboratory

Our goal is to create and cultivate a community space where artists and scientists can forge new and collaborative relationships and where everyone can rediscover science and art through new lenses!

While there are abundant opportunities in our community to take art, culinary and business classes, access to informal science classes is lacking with very few exceptions. Many class offerings in the sciences are simply not available outside of expensive college courses with prerequisites. We want to offer an opportunity for curious and enthusiastic people to learn more about scientific topics that are very relevant to everyday life and are often discussed in the news and current events, yet are difficult to access outside of a college classroom. We also believe that integrating the arts into these courses makes them more accessible and enjoyable!




Art-Science Trading Card Party at Art.Science.Gallery.

These fun short courses and workshops are open to everyone and will let you explore science and art while exercising both the left and right sides of your brain! Learn new art techniques and conduct exciting science experiments in a fun an relaxed environment. A diversity of art-science labs will soon be offered at beginner, intermediate and professional levels. The following class topics are coming soon to the fall 2013 class calendar!

  • Art-Science Trading Card workshops (pictured) teach you new artistic techniques on a micro scale with science imagery!
  • Hands-on food science class featuring a molecular mixology workshop and Molecul-R kits!
  • The Science of Color – what do pH indicators, color theory, CMYK printing and Newton’s prism experiments have in common!?
  • Field Natural History – learn how to carefully observe nature and document what you see. Individual class topics include botany, entomology, ichthyology, ornithology and herpetology will be offered on a rotating basis.
  • Macro and Nature Photography field classes!
  • Crocheting Hyperbolic Space!
  • Mathematics of Perspective Drawing
  • Origami Platonic Solids – make awesome geometric origami ornaments for the holidays!
  • Gyotaku printmaking with Inked Animal
  • Workshops with visiting artists and scientists – learn a new technique!

Science Communication Workshops

We believe that all scientists – especially those whose work is supported by public funds – have a responsibility to communicate their work to the citizens who help fund it. As part of our mission, we offer professional development workshops to help scientists become more creative and effective communicators both for scientific and public audiences. We offer the following workshops at your institution or in the gallery (workshop calendar coming soon)!

  • Effective Scientific Presentation Design (poster or powerpoint presentations)
  • Media Training for Scientists
  • Blogging for Scientists
  • Social Media for Scientists
  • Photography for Scientists¬†
  • Using Smart Phones for Science
  • Public Speaking and Outreach for Scientists

Teach for Us!

We’re always looking for interesting teachers with great ideas! If you have a proposal for a science communication workshop or art-science class you’d like to teach, or if you simply have a suggestion for a dream class you wish we’d offer, just drop us a line at info [at] artsciencegallery [dot] com¬†with the following information:

  • Proposed title of workshop or class
  • Description of workshop or class
  • Who will (or should) teach the workshop or class and what are their qualifications?
  • Proposed duration and dates
  • What materials and/or equipment are required? Who will provide them?
  • How may people can attend your class or workshop?
  • Your contact information
  • Links to relevant websites or articles

Custom Classes, Programs, Exhibits + One-On-One Consulting

Art.Science.Gallery. is pleased to work with your school, institution or organization to tailor science communication workshops and Art.Science.Labs., events or exhibits to fit your specific needs. Art.Science.Gallery. owner/director Dr. Hayley Gillespie has worked with scientists and students at all levels – from preschool science camps and elementary school science fairs to college-level science education and workshops for regional, national and international scientific organizations. She will personally work with you to design a custom program (or choose one of our existing programs) that can be hosted at your office, classroom or conference location. No group is too small – we are also available for lab meetings and student groups interested in improving their science communication skills! We’ll even set up one-on-one consulting sessions with you in person or online to help you improve your science communication skills or review your scientific presentation. Please direct inquiries for custom programming to hayley [at] artsciencegallery [dot] com.

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